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so about four months back  i  definitely  made  the   biggest
mistake of  my  life,  and  i  regret  it  so  bad  right   now.   i
would  do  anything  to  take  it  back.  and  usually   i 'learn
from  my mistakes'  but  it  isn't   even   funny  how  badly   i
fucked up this time.  i  can't  even  think   about   it   without
crying... i'm so fuckin lame  right  now...  and  i   can't   even
describe to  anyone  how  i  am  feeling...  and  the  thing is.
i don't even know why i  did it...  i  liked  him  so  much  then
but something was holding me back from  telling  him..  and
now it's worthless. the past is in the past. and it fucking  sucks.
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mm yayyy for best friends named
who seriously
make me smile like woah.

she honestly made me realize
that she is my one only true best friend.
and that i don't need any of the other ones
who cause too much drama.  and she also
made me realize how much i don't like him. and
that it's all in my head. and that got be so relieved.
oh my goodness i love this girl so much. she is absolutely
amazing. and she is the most best person i could ever ask for.
=] =] =] =] =]


went to the token lounge.
talk about amazing. bailey is
basically rad as fuuuck and i love her.
and then ethan showed up. he is amazing.
i love that kid so much.

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i can't like him. i won't like him.


so don't go worrying about me
 it's not like I think about you constantly
so maybe I do, but that shouldn't
 affect your life anymore I knew it
the moment you walked into the door

ister's grad party was today... kinda boring but fun.

stolen from Sam :]

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name)
 Nitro Inkster

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your mom's side, your favorite candy)
Virginia Starburts

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your middle name)

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Silver Tiger

 5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name and where you were born)
Lynn Redford

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name)
* that's rad.

 7. JEDI NAME: (middle name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards)
 Nnyl adowilap

 8. PORN STAR NAME: (middle name, street you grew up on)
 Lynn Inkster

9. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, favorite drink)
The Silver Water
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June 10th, 2006 - March 7th, 2009

bold ::
in progress
strikeout :: completed

this is very un-organized but completed

1. Watch the movie Scarface straight though. 06.10.06
2. Read one book every two weeks for two consecutive months.
3. Buy a digital camera.
4. Write a poem and actually allow people to read it.
5. Go to a random state. [ex. maine or kentucky]
6. Visit Victoria [my old best friend] in New York.
7. Get my nose pierced.
8. Get my belly button pierced.
9. Meet atleast three new friends @school.
10. Start Driver's Ed.
11. Go to the Detroit Zoo.
12. Go to the Token Lounge 06.12.06
13. Go to a Pistons game with my face painted and a big sign that says 'I LOVE RASHEED WALLACE' [only because it's true]
14. Let my three best friends know how much they mean to me.
15. Avoid drama for one month.
16. Reach my goal weight started
17. Don't eat junk food for one month.
18. See Ethan again. 06.12.06
19. Makeout with someone with their tongue pierced.
20. Clean out my room completely.
21. Get a goldfish and name him Jose.
22. Send letters to five old friends from grade school.
started 06.11.06
001. Evan W.
002. Roberto N.
003. Becca P.
004. Kate M.
005. Cameron L.
23. Dress up fancy and go out to dinner with my closest friends.
24. Go two days without using the computer.
25. Apologize to everyone I have ever hurt.
26. Visit my dad's grave whenever I get the chance.
27. Buy all new clothes from the thrift store.
28. Tell him how much i love him
29. Send my Grandma flowers for no reason.
30. Delete the songs I skip over on my iPod. 06.13.06
31. Discover five new bands.
001. 30 Seconds To Mars ;; 06.11.06 Thanks Katelynn Ann :]
32. Drink eight 8oz of water every day for three consecutive months.
33. Get my Jones Soda Bottles collect up to 69.
34. Learn how to write legibly with my left hand.
35. Do my homework and do it right for atleast one semester.
36. Get all A's and B's for one semester.
37. Be in two musicals at Thurston.
38. Start dancing @a studio again.
39. Make a list of 20 things of things that I like about myself.
40. Go to Rainbow 2007.
41. Get a job.
42. Learn how to drive a stick shift.
43. Tell Ethan I love him :]
44. Try an exotic food.
45. Study an hour every weekend for three consecutive months.
46. Play basketball for my sophmore, junior, and senior year @thurston.
47. Don't argue with any of my siblings for one month. started 06.11.06
48. Don't  cancel plans with Bailey for all 1001 days. started 06.11.6
49. Get a manicure.
50. Makeout on a rooftop.
51. Take a picture with an elephant and send it to RaRa to let her know I still love them.
52. Buy fuzzy handcuffs and NOT get them taken away.
53. Write random things on a pair of bluejeans.
54. Don't copy someone else's homework/tests/quizzes. [sophomore year (atleast)]
55. Read the Da Vinci Code .
56. Complete atleast one of the Harry Potter books.
57. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day. [how many are there?]
58. Don't drink Green Tea for one month.
59. Not straighten my hair for one month.
60. Take my dog for a walk four times a week for two consecutive months.
61. Clean my room every day for one month. started 06.11.06
62. Do not eat fast food for one month.
63. Make my sister something before she goes to college.
64. Buy new candles for my room.
65. Send a card to an old teacher.
66. Go to Wendy's and when they ask 'Can I take you order?' yell "BITCH NO!" and drive off.
67. Get fun-colored contacts.
68. Get back in shape for dance and basketball.
69. Makeout with someone in the rain.
70. Lay on the roof and watch the stars with someone special.
71. Play with the BIG BALLS at Target and NOT get kicked out.
72. Teach a friend how to change the oil on a car.
73. Eat two fruits/vegetables a day for one month.
74. Watch all the NATIONAL LAMPOON movies with Bailey.
75. Make a short story for Jennifer.
76. Get braces to get it fuckin over with.
77. Watch five of the movies from AFI Top 100
78. Let my sisters know how much they mean to me.
79. Stop arguing with my mom.
80. Complete a 500+ puzzle by myself.
81. Make something out of the scraps of clothes i have in my closet.
82. Volunteer/work at an animal shelter.
83. Adopt/foster a dog that is handicapped.
84. Keep a list of all the books I read.
85. Play a full game of Monopoly with two close friends.
85. See a scary movie in theatres.
86. Write something... every day for three consecutive months.
87. Go on a picnic with two close friends.
88. Trade mix CD's with atleast two people.
89. Write a poem and send it to someone anonomously.
90. Buy Lost Season 2.
91. Go to church every saturday/sunday for one month.
92. Spend a weekend in Canada with a friend.
93. Watch the Godfather.
94. Donate things I don't use anymore.
95. Have a relationship with someone I can trust. and someone I love more than anything.
96. Buy the DVD Rent.
97. Watch the Notebook without crying [i'mlame]
98. Get a TENTH piercing in my ear.
99. Do crunches every night for two months.
100. Dye my hair dark.  or blonde.
101. Make another list ofcourse :]
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boo for myspace. yay for livejournal.
boys are lame... i'm sad. ghdksfds

        so      tonight    i'll   sit     and
       pick   apart    your     pictures
       and overanalyze your  words
        but          the        
truth      is,
        i've    never   fallen  so   hard

 i can honestly say,
that  i   never,  ever
felt   this  way   </3

yay for new veiled cameleon named Damian :]
and yay for cute boy who makes me smile.
oh yeah, and yay for scarface which is
officially the best movie ever..
and yes i'm a girl who loves that movie


101 things in 1001 days :]
this shall be a fun list to make
i'll start tomororw :] :] :]

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